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Spurgeon Ministries began in Cambridge, Ontario in the mid 1970’s. About ten years later Spurgeon Ministries moved to Kingston, Ontario and became the responsibility of Bath Road Baptist Church. Although this church takes the lead in choosing sermons, printing them, and looking after administration, many other churches and individuals have been behind this ministry for years. Such financial support from so many others has been an essential element in the progress and constant growth of this ministry.

Bath Road BaptistThe ministry produces almost 6,000 sermons a month and sends them to over 50 different countries around the world. All of the work is done by a dedicated group of volunteers whose many hours keep the costs very reasonable.

The sermons published are mostly those of Pastor Charles Spurgeon. With the purpose of acquainting our readers with other great servants of the Lord who can be of spiritual benefit, once a year a sermon by another minister of the gospel is published. Our efforts are not directed at promoting anyone but Christ and we are thankful to be able to produce messages that do just that.

Through the years we have received correspondence from those who have been converted, spiritually corrected, doctrinally challenged, and had their faith in Christ nurtured by reading these sermons.

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Where Spurgeon Sermons are Going

Where are Spurgeon Sermons Going?