Value of Spurgeon Ministries

“One of the men I met while visiting Africa was Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, who has taught at Westminster Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, and is currently teaching half a year at Knox Theological Seminary in Florida and the other half of the year at African Bible College in Malawi. I was familiar with Dr. Robertson through reading some of his books, “The Christ of the Covenants” and “Jonah: A Study in Compassion”. I had also met him when he was a graduation speaker while I was attending Toronto Baptist Seminary. Since then, I met him again at an annual Pastor’s Conference I attended. But it was quite a surprise to meet Dr. Robertson in Malawi. Because of his obvious concern for sound doctrine, his reputation as an able teacher, and his obvious commitment to sound theological training in a third world context, I was very interested in his opinion about the value of Spurgeon’s sermons. When I told him about our ministry, he responded enthusiastically and gave me permission to quote him with respect to this ministry: “Right now in Africa the distribution of good Christian literature in pamphlet form would be one of the most effective of ministries possible. The small pamphlet, inexpensive and easily distributed over a wide area, is especially suitable for Africa today.” Dr. Robertson thought these sermons we publish would be very valuable in the African context and asked for 150 to be distributed each month to the students at African Bible College.” – Pastor Peter Ryttersgaard

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