What We Do

The desire of Spurgeon Ministries is to produce theologically sound sermons that accurately reflect the teaching of the Bible and bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Sermons are carefully chosen to cover a wide variety of Biblical teachings. The reader will find sermons on the person of Christ, the atonement, the doctrines of grace, prayer, as well as great evangelistic messages, and many other topics. If a subscriber read the monthly publication for a few years he or she would become well acquainted with many important Biblical truths.Spurgeon

The majority of our sermons, about two thirds, go overseas to pastors and Christian workers who have little or no theological education. Many of these readers have access to little or no theological literature and have a library consisting of a Bible and maybe a few other books. These sermons become a very important part of their theological education. In the pages of the sermons they find sound examples of preaching the gospel in a manner that is characterized by both warmth (passion) and light (truth).

While the emphasis of Spurgeon Ministries is for the benefit of the Lord’s work overseas, we have also found that the sermons have been deeply appreciated and have had a profound impact on Christians throughout North America.

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